June 28th, 2019

Here at Louisiana Sportsman Outfitters, we offer a range of expeditions for people who have always loved to fish. Our specialized fishing charters in Venice, LA will take you to the very best deep water fishing spots. There’s nothing like the thrill of the chase to get the blood pumping through your veins.

All charters are run by professionals who are incredibly knowledgeable in steering the boat to the proper area. As long as you have the proper gear and are ready to try your hand at reeling in a beautiful yellow-fin tuna, you will not have to worry about much else. Bring a friend or a family member with you so that you can both proudly show off your catches at the end of the day.

The Gulf Coast itself is a fisherman’s paradise, and our charters will give you the opportunity to try out several exciting fishing spots throughout the day. The weather and the time of year will affect which spots are chosen on your charter. Placid, warm weather will usually give you the best chance of making that catch for the ages.

Anglers should always feel free to contact us about booking a trip. Our website also contains a wealth of information that you can use to reserve a place on the day of your choosing. Representatives area available to assist with the details if you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a charter boat before.

Some anglers choose to charter a boat whenever they are celebrating an important milestone in life. A group of guys celebrating a 40th birthday, for example, offers the perfect chance to go after some tuna. Memories from the trip will last a lifetime.

You should ultimately book a trip as soon as you know which days will be free. You’ll be able to make use of ice, fuel, bait, and tackle while out on the Gulf of Mexico. Representatives are standing by to make your dream trip happen.