March 12th, 2019

There is a unique experience when you go deep sea in search of tuna and other fish. We help you tick the box off your bucket list by organizing exciting deep sea tuna fishing in Venice LA. But there is a reason why we are the company of choice for locals and visitors to the region.

We provide the safest boats to get to the seas. The safety of these boats is guaranteed by their size and the measures taken by the crew. We use boats that have met standards set in the industry. They are licensed to operate in the area and have therefore met all the required standards.

The trips we organize are at the most convenient time. We will work with you to develop a plan that fits within your schedule. Do you want to go fishing in the morning? We will take you to the perfect spots. When you want to go in the afternoon, we will also ensure that you get there at the perfect time.

Because seas are expansive, they can be dangerous. It is also possible to miss some of the exciting places and activities. This is why we provide guides who understand the area better and know where to take you for the best experience. They are specialists on tuna fish and will, therefore, guarantee the best experience.

The excursions are supposed to be fun. This cannot happen unless you have guides and fishermen who are engaging. You will enjoy their people interaction skills and the entertaining time they offer. We provide an excellent opportunity to create beautiful memories.

Our target is to give you the most beautiful experience. This is from the organization of the trip to the activities you engage and the people you work with. You will enjoy the photos and videos taken while at the sea. We will give you an experience of a lifetime.

This experience will cost you a reasonable amount. We consider the number of people and how long you will be on the water. We develop a personalized package that guarantees excellent value for money. Talk to us for the best offer.

Contact us for the best offer on tuna fishing in Venice LA. We have a package for couples, families, groups and any other arrangement you would desire. We guarantee the most exciting trip anytime you need to hit the waters for some fish. Come and let us help you create the most beautiful memories.